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Shahbaz Gill terms Safdar’s arrest ‘orchestrated drama’

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Political Communication Dr Shahbaz Gill said that the arrest of Safdar Awan from a hotel room in Karachi was an orchestrated drama of opposition after it failed in getting “NRO” from Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Gill, while addressing a press conference in Lahore on Saturday, said that two families who were ruling the country for the last 40 years have seemingly completed a doctorate degree in spreading lies.

He said, “some characters have exposed the corruption of Sharif family and Maryam Nawaz wanted everyone to accept her stance.”

He said that after the incident, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari reportedly got angry and he met with Inspector General Police Sindh and subsequently police officers applied for leave.

“Then leaders in opposition asked the army chief, ISI chief and others to hold inquiry into the matter,” he added.

Gill claimed that the security guards of the political leaders were getting instructions after the door was broken and some officials of police department arrived in at the location, adding that security guards had been presented as the personnel of security institutions.

“Why they are not providing their own footage [of the incident]. In every CCTV footage, a person is clearly seen while filming the video of policemen. The person who was capturing the video was a professional as it filmed the incident by using a camera tripod. The footage was firstly played in Lond and later in Pakistan. However, the CCTV footage gave a clear look of the door which was not broken. It has proved that the door was broken from inside.”

The SAPM pointed out that both parties had opposite statements on the issue as the PPP chairman had appealed the army chief and ISI DG to investigate the matter whereas Maryam Nawaz called for a probe by the government and judiciary.

“If it is the matter of respect of women, then why other women were kept inside jails. If Maryam Nawaz is prevented from being jail to promote anti-state rhetoric, then other female inmates should be released. The dual-standard makes such persons act as monarch.”

He recalled the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s (SCP) verdict that Maryam Safdar had submitted fake documents and she was declared a certified liar and also got involved Safdar Awan and her brother in her activities.

“Now, after coming out of the jail, she is creating a fake narrative against the institutions,” he asserted, adding that the PML-N was a long time friend of India who has also recently used the Karachi incident to unleash propaganda against the institutions and Pakistan army.

Further, he said, “Nawaz is lying and he is not a revolutionary as claimed by his supporters. He never had a smooth relationship with the army chiefs and chief justices. He wanted complete autonomy to commit corruption but will not be allowed to do so,” he added.

Moreover, Gill said that the PML-N vice president tried to use Baloch students after facing failure in her political moves and always seeking the assistance of global establishment to hide corruption by targeting the armed forces besides hailing Nawaz Sharif as a revolutionary leader.

He concluded by assuring that the government would bring down prices of essential items, control inflation, move the economy in the right direction and resolve the problems of people.

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