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Wheat and inflation

Wheats are used to make naans and other kinds of foods for the people to survive in life. The estimation of wheat used in Pakistan is 22 million tons annually in Pakistan. When the Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf (PTI) came to power after the 2018 elections and formed governments at the center and in three provinces, the price of wheat flour was 50 PKR per kilogram (KG). However a bag weighing 20 KG was available for 640 (ex-mill price) during September 2018 which had jumped up from Rs 1060 to 1240 per bag of 20 KG wheat flour on the open markets in different parts of the country and Rs 1350 per 20 kg in KPK.
However, wheat flour prices were increasing since last year, as the official record showed that a 20 kgs flour sold at Rs 854 in open markets during August 2019 and it jumped Rs 908 during 2020. Increasingly, the price of 20 kg of wheat flour increased Rs 912 during April 2020, Rs 972 during the first week of June in 2020 and now this 20 kgs flour has increased or upwarded Rs 1240 in these days of the year.
It is my suggestion to the government of Pakistan to take steps on the issue which sensitively affects the people who cannot get three times food regularly in the country.

Younus Fazal
Awaran Kulli