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Underage Marriages

Child marriage continues to be a rampant evil practiced in Pakistan. This is because in Pakistan, 22% of children get married before reaching the age of 18, and 3% get married before reaching the age of 15. In fact, by doing this cruelty to children, what parents are essentially doing is denying these children an education, basic rights, and forcing them into something they are far from mentally and physically ready for. Many young girls that are child brides also get pregnant as children and end up dying because of complications during childbirth, because their frail bodies cannot handle something so traumatic happening to them. They do not even get a proper education, and are unable to complete their studies since their parents force them to marry and quit education, which is the most essential thing for a person to get. However, this culture being prevalent is bad news, and will badly affect the future of Pakistan, because kids are the future of our country. And if we are to rely on these children for the future, the only way they can make Pakistan shine is if they are educated, and if they do not have the emotional and physical weight and trauma of child marriage to carry on their shoulders throughout their lives. At last, I plead to the prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, to take action against child marriages on an emergency basis, because this is a critical issue that needs to be solved if we are to save the future of our country.

Wali Muhammad