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Opp stages token walkout from Senate

ISLAMABAD: The opposition in Senate staged a token walkout from the House on Friday to protest the non-laying of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Authority Ordinance, 2019, and ordinance for the development of Bundal and Buddo islands which, according to regulations was obligatory to be laid in the first meeting of Parliament after the promulgation of the ordinances.

Responding to oppositions’ point of order, State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan said CPEC is a game-changer project which will expedite the development of the whole region.

The government will lay the ordinance within mandatory 120 days and the obligation would be fulfilled within the prescribed timeframe of 120 days.

Criticising the Sindh government, Khan said that the opposition wanted to fan chaos in the country.

The Sindh Assembly on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution calling upon the federal government to immediately withdraw its presidential ordinance to establish the Pakistan Islands’ Development Authority (PIDA) as it is aimed at unlawful annexation of two islands off Karachi’s coast that are an integral part of Sindh.

The session of the assembly was specially convened to consider the federal government’s move to establish the PIDA through a presidential ordinance to develop the two islands off Karachi’s coast into modern cities.

The resolution on the issue was presented by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) lawmaker Mahmood Alam Jamot, who represents those coastal areas of Karachi whose fishermen are likely to be affected due to the development of two islands as it would result in phenomenal depletion of the fisheries resources.