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Life of senior citizens

Senior citizens always face tough times in Pakistan.The country has always neglected its senior citizens by snatching their rights such as medical insurance , loan on EMI and many more.It is states’ duty to serve its people , especially senior citizens as they are too old to work at the age.It is high time to stop investing on such unintentional schemes which do not benefit anyone rather the focus should be on needy senior citizens which are unable to earn. The elderly have a lot to contribute to society. We can learn from them. We can seek their advice. We can ask for their prayers. But most importantly, we owe them a debt. It is important to take care of them. A society is measure by how it treats its most feeble members. The old are part of that category, and it is morally imperative on us to make sure they live their sunset years as comfortably and with as much dignity as possible.

Hammal Naeem