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Woman claims she was gang-raped in Indian prison

A 20-year-old Indian woman has claimed that she was gang-raped for 10 days in May while locked up Madhya Pradesh state’s prison, according to an Indian news outlet.

The woman had been imprisoned on murder charges and has now named five police personnel in this alleged gang-rape incident.

The officials she named include the station in-charge and sub-divisional police officer. The victim also claimed that she reported the crime to a female constable, but that the latter was rebuked by the senior officers.

These claims were made during a jail inspection by the additional district judge and a team of lawyers on October 10, 2020.

Upon learning of the incident, the district judge ordered Rewa Superintendent Rakesh Singh to take action and conduct an inquiry, but the SP instead has said that he has yet to receive the court’s orders, adding that the woman “is a murder accused”.

According to the report, the woman claims the dates of the rape incidents were from May 9 to May 21, but the police have rebuked this, saying that the woman was actually arrested on May 21 “on the basis of call details, mobile location and other evidence”.

According to the police, her arrest took place five days after the murder of a villager named Sudha Verna.

Advocate Satish Mishra defended the woman against questions regarding why she had not spoken up sooner. The lawyer said that the woman had raised the issue three months prior, but was ignored, adding that it was policemen that were doing this to her, so she felt fearful of complaining to other policemen.

Furthermore, the woman alleged that she has received threats of her father being incriminated in the murder charges if she spoke up.