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Rehabilitate the honour of Sindh police

  • Bad advice must be rejected

Sindh faced an unprecedented security crisis as practically the entire police leadership from the IGP down to the DSPs, and in cases even Inspectors, sought leave for two months and closed down their offices complaining about the shocking treatment meted out to the IGP and other police officers while getting a case registered against PML(N) leader Captain (rtd) Safdar. It was only after Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Sindh Chief Minister Murad Shah visited the IGP House, and the assurance of an inquiry into the incident by the COAS, that the officers agreed to delay for ten days their decision to go on leave.

The Sindh police has been in the forefront of controlling crime in the interior of the province as well as its sprawling mega city Karachi. It has lost hundreds of personnel while fighting numerous terrorist groups and was recently the first to engage the terrorists who targeted the Chinese consulate and the Pakistan Stock Exchange in the capital city. It would be highly demoralising for the police if those who humiliated, ridiculed and mishandled its ranking officers were not brought to book. The police is a disciplined force. Never in the history of the country has the entire police leadership of a province reacted in a way that paralysed for hours the entire policing system. This shows the level of resentment against the way its officers were pushed about and hectored. According to media reports, the IGP’s house was surrounded on Monday morning at 2 am and he was forced to go to another place where he was pressured to sign orders for the arrest of Mr Safdar

The COAS has ordered an enquiry. One expects the probe to be swift, with the hope that it would lead to meaningful action against those who perpetrated the ignominy. There are people who might try to politicize the issue; there are others who might belittle the importance of the incident. In a highly polarized situation some shortsighted people might even suggest imposition of Governor’s rule in the province and action against the aggrieved police officers. There is a need to discourage bad advice as it could act like a spark that sets the prairie on fire.