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Incorrect textbooks

Textbooks are provided by the Balochistan government to students, but the problem is that these books, which are supposed to help students learn, are full of grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, and incorrect figures. What are the children supposed to do, and what books should they believe? This is only promoting ignorance in the young student population of the province. Because of incorrect textbooks, students are facing a lot of difficulties in their studies. If students compare the Balochistan textbooks with any other books that they may read from some other board or even any book they read for leisure or from a board that is not from Pakistan, then the students will get confused. Which one is correct? What they learned in their formative years or something else that they have never heard of before? This is a grave problem and the government must look into it as soon as possible before irreparable harm is caused.
Students reading other books is a problem to be thought of on another day. Books within the Balochistan board are not on the same page. Recently, I read two textbooks of class 7, one for Urdu language and one for English. In the English textbook it is written that Ziarat is 120 km away from Quetta, while in the Urdu language book, it says that Ziarat is 125 km away from Quetta. So which one should be accepted? Which one should the students believe when they are told one thing in one class and a totally different thing in another class. This cannot stand and is unacceptable.
I want to request the government to rectify the textbooks which will be helpful for the students.

Mehraj Essa