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Fake medicines

In Balochistan there are many people who are doing the business of fake medicines. Due to them the Baloch nation is in danger. On the other hand, many doctors cooperate with companies to sell their medicines and in return they get a lot of benefits. Such doctors only think about their benefits, without thinking about the lives of innocent people.
In Balochistan people are always suffering from many kinds of diseases but they cannot afford to go anywhere else for medication. They believe the medicines which they get in their locality. Mostly, such medicines are fake and they have a lot of side-effects.
For making the Baloch safe, there should be teams to visit medical stores for checking the quality of the medicines. If it is done then one will ever try to sell fake medicines. There should be policies for making such critical things safe. The companies which produce such medicines, should be banned. And the stores and shops should be sealed.

Sattar Samad