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PM tasks ‘tigers’ to start anti-hoarding drive from capital

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has given the first task to the Tiger Force volunteers for discouraging hoarding while chairing a high-level session regarding the ongoing efforts for price controlling.

The participants of the session decided to launch a pilot project for controlling inflation from the federal capital Islamabad. During its first phase, 9,000 shops in Islamabad will be monitored, while Tiger Force volunteers, Islamabad commissioner and deputy commissioner will jointly spot the markets and shops involved in hoarding.

In phase-wise progress, the local authorities will start monitoring of rate lists and overcharging at all shops of the city while volunteers will spot hoarders and stocks of essential commodities more than its requirements in different markets.

After getting complaints from the volunteers, district administration will take immediate action against the responsible persons involved in overcharging and hoarding. The joint actions will be listed down in a report which will be presented directly to the prime minister.

It has been decided that heavy fines will be imposed for overcharging and failure to put up rate lists.

The premier said that the major reason for inflation is hoarding. He ordered the administration to take strict action against the elements involved in hoarding.

Earlier on Monday, PM Imran stressed on taking all administrative measures to ensure the availability of daily commodities and controlling their prices. The premier said this while chairing a meeting here to review availability and prices of daily commodities, especially wheat and sugar.

He directed to ensure sufficient supply of wheat and sugar at utility stores across the country. He also directed provincial administrations to ensure legal action against real owners of mills and warehouses who indulge in hoarding.

The meeting was apprised that the Punjab government has increased the release of wheat from 16,000 tons to 20,000 tons on a daily basis, which would be further increased to 25,000 tons in a couple of days. It was further informed that the Sindh government would start the formal release of wheat soon.

The meeting was also apprised that a full-scale crackdown against hoarders is continuing under the prime minister’s direction and it would be further accelerated.

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