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After two rallies

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PDM’s Karachi rally was as impressive as the one at Gujranwala. While Jinnah Garden’s massive enclosure was filled to its capacity, hundreds of late comers listened to the speeches standing outside the premises. PM Imran Khan had repeatedly been claiming that the masses knew the PML-N and PPP leaders were corrupt and would never come into the streets at their call. Days before the Gujranwala rally the PM had once again reiterated that the PML-N workers “will not come out even if they are bribed with money and keemay kay naan“. The two rallies have shattered the PTI’s narrative.

The PM had also maintained that people come out for a cause and that presently there was none. He had conveniently forgotten that the government’s policy to export sugar and its failure to import wheat on time, had forced people to buy the commodities at prices many couldn’t afford. Similarly the government had displayed little competence to control the rising prices of other food items, while its ministers and advisers had done no home work to ensure regular supply of power and gas at reasonable service charges during the coming winter. As these problems are likely to intensify in days to come, the opposition will have no shortage of audience.

The PDM has during the last two years built a narrative that challenges the legitimacy of the PTI government. The elections, it maintains, were rigged by the establishment to install a pliant Imran Khan as PM. While challenging the ‘selected’ PM for lacking legitimacy, opposition holds the ‘selectors’ responsible for imposing an incompetent government on the country. The three major PDM leaders would like the ‘selectors’ to realise their mistake and distance themselves from the PTI government

While the opposition targets the PTI government for its glaring failures, it is also putting pressure on the ‘selectors’. As the massive rallies remain peaceful, there is no reason to disallow them. Mr Imran Khan’s explanation regarding rising prices might satisfy his Corona Tigers, but cannot alleviate the suffering caused to the masses. The opposition hopes that a distancing by the ‘selectors’ from the government would send a signal to PTI’s allies, making an in house change possible before PDM’s march on Islamabad. Both PTI and Opposition are clutching on straws.