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Kashmir conundrum

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  On August  5 2019, there were signs of something afoot in Kashmir, various Indian troops were deployed, schools and colleges were shut down, tourists were ordered to leave, internet service was suspended and political leaders were placed under house arrest.

Now, this was the time to face the music from Indian government that they revoked Article 370 and 35A, which depicted that the special status of Indian occupied Kashmir was ended.  Now, people from India can settle there as well as can purchase and sale property.

This situation turned the tables on New Delhi, and put Kashmir on a boiling point, by passing new domicile law, backed by a demographic shift plan. According to Narendera Modi’s settler scheme, 430,000 new domicile certificates were issued in Indian occupied Kashmir, irony is that Indian government announced to impose 50,000 fines on those officers who delay in issuing domicile.

Moreover, Hindutva and RSS ideology in the shape of Modi has transitioned the demography of Kashmir by giving new domicile law to its citizens. Basic purpose of these nefarious designs of New Delhi is to change the Muslim majority into Muslim minority. Although, Pakistan condemns the attempts to illegally alter the demography of Indian occupied Kashmir. Prime minister of Pakistan Imran khan stated that this was a clear violation of all international laws and treaties.

International community and United Nations are paying only lip service to the misery of Kashmiri people. Now it is high time that the UN and International community must take immediate measures to curb this Indian action and prevent India from changing the demography of occupied territory and hold India accountable for its persistent violations of international laws. At present, Pakistan was re-elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council with 169 votes out of 193-members. Hopefully, this will help Pakistan to raise voice for the Kashmir’s people.