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Disadvantages of making videos on social media

Making videos for social media platforms is a complete waste of time. Youth and teenagers waste their priceless time creating videos despite giving their attention to studies. It is a common trend in our society that youths aged surprisingly 9 are immersed in this vicious cycle. Instead of reading books the present generation’s mind is fixed with Tik Tok. We need to give time to our studies. According to reports many people especially teenagers have breathed their last due to not having followers and getting comments. While there are others who feel proud to upload photos and upload a large fraction of vidoes in a day. Thus, wasting their precious time. If the time given to these videos is equally given to the studies, the conditions would have changed for the better. Therefore, it is requested of the government to ban this app so that the future of the youth is saved.

Shehzadi Sabzal