Anthrophobia | Pakistan Today


Anthropophobia is generally meant by the profound fear of human beings. It is mainly derived from Greek word “Anthro” which refers to man and phobia which refers to “fear”. On the other hand, it is also called interpersonal relationship phobia or social disorder phobia which is a pathological fear of people or human company.

Anthrophobia is a toxic and untreatable disease which has captured many pieces in a never releasing prison. It has an atrocious and excruciating effect on human psychology.

It may manifest as fear of blushing or meeting others awkwardness and uneasiness, when appearing in society.

Anthrophobia is precisely defined when people are in fear during random consequences, additionally, it might also be beyond and leave the person uncomfortable when being around just one person. Having many of the side effects of anthrophobia, people automatically adopt the morbidity of glossophobia which itself owns coutless disorders, including hesitation when speaking up in crowds. It indeed seems the scenario of buy one get one free.

It is the only disease which can’t be overcome by physical medicine but can only be overcome by engaging in one’s own self socially, and publicly and also participating in social issues.

Gulsameen Nuahani