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Two more polio cases jack up Balochistan tally to 23

Balochistan’s health department has reported two more cases of poliovirus in the province on Saturday.
With two fresh cases, the tally of polio virus infections this year has soared to 23 cases.

A case of the crippling disease was reported in Chiltan Town of Quetta, the provincial health department said in a statement. A four-year child was confirmed to be infected by the polio virus in the city.

A 15-month child in tehsil Barshor in Pishin district was confirmed to be infected by polio virus, in the second case in province. The samples of two children were sent to the lab for tests in past weeks, according to health officials.

The number of polio cases has reached to 23 in Balochistan with two new cases, the health department said.
Pakistan’s nationwide polio immunisation campaign in the previous week reached over 39 million under-five children with the polio vaccine. Over 260,000 trained workers went door to door, to ensure the safety of children from the disease.

This was the country’s first polio campaign since activities were paused for six months due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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  1. Ushna Arif said:

    If there are so many cases of polio in Balochistan, why isn’t the government taking any action? And there were many people infected by polio even before corona weren’t there?

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