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YouTuber helps reunite family separated during partition

Many families were torn apart during one of the most brutal migrations in the world, and many people still suffer from the trauma and pain that came from the subcontinent being split into two.

Daphia Bai, a resident of Punjab, Pakistan, had lost her connection with her family during the partition. However, she was finally able to see them again thanks to the help of Pakistani Youtuber Muhammad Alamgir.

Alamgir convinced people to share his video repeatedly, and spoke on the consequences of the partition, highlighting its impact on people like Bai, who has not been able to get in touch with her family that the city of Bikaner’s Morkhana town, 266 kilometres away.

“I spent all my life crying, offering money, ghee to people to help locate my family,” she shared, recanting the names of her grandparents, brother and sisters left on the other side of the border.

Her grandson, Naseer Khan added, “she used to tell us about a place in India which had a lot of peacocks…. she used to talk about attending her uncle’s wedding in that town.”

It was an arduous and difficult task to reconnect Bia with her family members, but as can be seen in the video, she sheds tears of joy as the elation of meeting her lost family overwhelmed her.

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  1. Giri said:

    This story should be told to the world. We should show the ugly face of Islam and Muslims to the world. What ISIS did recently these Pakistani terrorists did to Hindus and Sikhs 70 years ago. Every Muslim in the subcontinent must pay a heavy price for such brutality.