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Two former corps commanders of Karachi pass away

KARACHI: Former deputy chief of army staff Lt Gen (r) Muzaffar Hussain Usmani and Lt Gen (r) Naseer Akhtar passed away on Thursday. Both of the ex-military officials were former corps commanders of Karachi.

Lt Gen (r) Usmani breathed his last in Karachi while Lt Gen (r) Akhtar passed away in Lahore.

According to the Superintendent of Police Clifton Imran Mirza, police had received information of a body lying inside a car near Khayaban-e-Shajar Park. On arrival, the police saw that the car’s engine and headlights were switched on and found Lt Gen (r) Usmani dead inside the vehicle.

According to SP Mirza, the former general — a resident of Karachi’s Gizri area — had died of cardiac arrest. Lt Gen (r) Usmani had been appointed as the corps commander of Karachi during the martial law imposed in Pakistan in 1999. He retired in 2001.

Meanwhile, Lt Gen (r) Akhtar’s family said the former military officer had passed away at a local hospital in Lahore where he was admitted for a couple of days. The family said that the former corps commander was suffering from a medical condition that caused tremors in his body. Akhtar’s funeral prayers will be offered at Lahore Cantt after Zuhr prayer.

Lt Gen (r) Akhtar had served as corps commander Karachi from 1992 to 1994.


  1. kashif said:

    wrong picture printed the above picture is general (r) Aziz the then chief of general staff ,he is nort muzaffar usmani.

    • Atif Shakoor said:

      Right as I was also thinking the same n trying to search the actual picture of Gen Usmani…..

  2. Dr.M.M.Khan said:

    Pakistan today should get its act together. Why is it so difficult to say “SORRY”

  3. Azam Jamal said:

    Above photo is of Lt Gen Aziz (R) who was Chief of Staff during 12 Oct 1999 Military takeover. It does not have any link with the connected news item.

  4. Khalid Khan said:

    While General Usmani was a gentleman and honest person, General Naseer Akhtar was a crook and corrupt to the highest level. He became billionaire after assuming the charge of Corp Commander Karachi.

  5. Dr.Muhammad Hanif Khan said:

    Dr.Muhammad Hanif Khan CEO of WPO international offered Condolences and Deeply Saddened to our an Army’s retired Generals.