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Systematic change

 The CCPO Umair Sheikh in his recent briefing over the case of the woman who was gang-raped in front of her children near the Lahore motorway said that the women had gone without the permission of her husband and was fearlessly coming back at 1:30 am to home while got victim of rapists. PPP Senator Krishna Kumari Kohli rebuked Mr Sheikh over his comment, saying he should not make such assumptions. He asked him whether the victim had herself told that she had gone outside without the permission of her husband, then shockingly he replied to the question that he guessed like so. Instead of catching the second suspect involved in this heinous crime, the CCPO is blaming the women. Being on such a position, it does not suit him to give such statements. It is unacceptable to task such a top police officer for solving this issue who fuels rape culture. Systematic revolution is required to be brought as soon as possible so that women should feel safe to go outside .They should believe that a loyal and responsible plus caring officer is standing for their protection, as police is often the first responders when it comes to violence against women.

Hammal Naeem