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Stray dogs

It is a well known fact that they are creating multiple problems for human beings. Dogs are damaging their bodies very dangerously. Recently on September 28 world rabies day 5 people mauled by dogs. Among them two are children one is seven years old namely Samer second one is nine years old namely Karan, 35 years old Nawaz Khan, 60 years old Chaman Lal and 70 Rajesh Jai Chand who were attacked by dogs and they were sent to JPMC where Dr Seemi Jamali treated them ,according to her all  bitten mostly their hands and faces are effected. This year more than 6,700 people were treated and five fresh cases received. It is a very serious disease mostly hospitals do not  maintain any ideas or data about this. According to expert many patients loose their lives before diagnosis. In Karachi in a day 150 cases reported. Last year 24 death were reported because of rabies, it is a viral infection  diseases which is a big challenge for Sindh because in Sindh no vaccine for this disease that’s why they come in Karachi for treatment. It is a very dangerous thing for people to face it .The government of Pakistan has to pick up such dogs from the cities soon, in order they must live properly.

Abida Diljan