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Faraz accuses Nawaz of inciting public revolt by targeting state institutions

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz on Thursday accused the former prime minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supreme leader Nawaz Sharif of inciting public for revolt by targeting state institutions but asserted that the people can’t be fooled anymore.

Addressing a press conference, Shibli Faraz termed Nawaz Sharif as an absconder who was trying to put the country into jeopardy just to save himself by accusing the state institutions.

He said that the speeches that are being made suggest that the country is being avenged by those who have spoken against the country and made billions.

Faraz said that Nawaz had obtained properties abroad at the expense of the country. He asked how Nawaz had accumulated wealth to buy Avenfield flats and other properties.

The minister asserted that the PML-N supremo was criticising the institutions to save his stakes and his family. He accused Nawaz of targeting Pakistani economic profile for petty personal gains. He also accused the former PM of raising prices of daily-use commodities.  The minister added that Rs23 billion was wasted to artificially maintain the dollar price while the local industry was shut down because imports were cheap and local production was expensive.

“Exports did not increase by a single rupee during his tenure. Nawaz did not spend money on the poor because he did not have time. His policies led the country to inflation,” he asserted.

Faraz said that Nawaz had become another Altaf Hussain and was targeting the national interest of Pakistan while absconding from the courts. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had won elections after struggling for 23 years and his ideology is still based on anti-corruption policies.

He added that today Nawaz was targeting the state institutions and that the former PM had been on great terms with the same institutions when they served his cause.

Faraz said that after the 2013 elections, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had demanded the opening of four National Assembly constituencies despite the fact that its members had filed 485 petitions for election irregularities.

“In 2018 elections, 281 petitions were filed out of which half were filed by the PTI.  In Punjab, there were 13 petitions of PTI and 11 petitions of PML-N. The PML-N filed only 11 petitions,” he said.

He added that Nawaz has tried to make the democratic system controversial in order to save himself, and remarked that the ex-premier has become the enemy of democracy by making speeches against the system from which he himself benefitted.

Faraz reminded Nawaz that PM Imran would not allow him to go scot-free from accountability as PTI had gotten a public mandate on the promise of holding the corrupt accountable.

He said that if Pakistan is blacklisted due to Nawaz’s accusations, it would be damaging for Pakistanis and PM Imran, while insisting that the assets of Nawaz were stashed out of the country.

Faraz said that today Nawaz was slandering Pakistani courts, its armed forces and Election Commission. He reminded the former premier that accusing state institutions would not help his cause as PM Imran plays better under pressure.

“A person who is running away from the courts is inciting people to revolt. Should he be allowed to incite public for revolt? No one would be fooled anymore. Neither we nor the people will allow you. No one will be fooled by his blackmail. Nawaz Sharif is wearing a watch worth Rs70 million and says he has sympathy with the people,” argued the minister.

The minister asked Nawaz to surrender himself to the law and to bring back the looted money.

Talking about the food situation, Faraz said, “We have an abundance of wheat reserves today. Our imports are on time, sugar is being imported, and food supplies are satisfactory. The crushing season is starting in November and strategy is being formulated to make food items cheaper.”

Mian Abrar

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