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Drugs price hike and inflation

I strongly condemn the Government for allowing an increase in the prices of 94 life- saving drugs. This decision would not only add to the woes of the general public but also endanger the lives of already ailing poor.

Such regressive decision came in the midst of pandemic which is already struggling to cope with the impact of Covid-19, locust attack, floods and resulting unemployment and ever-increasing prices of fuel and daily commodities. It seems that the government is forgetting the fact that the vast majority of population of Pakistan is poor and lower-middle class.  Since the government has taken the reign of the country, every other day inflation rate is accelerating  and has reached at an unprecedented level.  Instead of giving structural relief to general public, it is apparent all attempts are made to further pushing public into poverty. Issues emanating from extreme inflation are mental health issues, suicides and crimes.  It is general public who is paying the price of government’s mistake of going to IMF and subsequently bearing the greatest burden of it. Question of good governance seems a distant dream in Pakistan. Hence, good governance requires evaluating policies. Moreover, it is advisable while formulating policies, government should take the general and poor public in mind. There may be many priorities, but giving structural relief to public should be of paramount importance.  It is hoped the federal government will reverse its decision soon and control inflation and make the price of medicines affordable and accessible.

Shahjahan Memon

Kamber Ali Khan