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Balochistan jobs 

Balochistan is the biggest province of Pakistan by area ,which is located in south western of Pakistan and it is the lowest province of Pakistan by population. But it does not mean that any people from Pakistan can take the jods of Balochistan.It has come outside before some days that 22766 people has made duplicate local certificates and taken the jobs of Baloch people . Actually from these most of them are from Punjab and sindh ,so it is my and all Balochistan’s people request to the government of Punjab and sindh take them out from Balochistans people jobs If not government of Balochistan knows well to take them out .If these people are kicked out from their jobs then no one will be jobless in Balochistan.

So in conclusion, I would request to the government of balochistan and also to the deputy commissioners of every district of Balochistan please take urgent action against these e people to take them out from Balochistani’s jobs.

Nabeel Iqbal