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Tallal misled public about relationship with female MNA, PML-N’s committee finds

LAHORE: The committee formed for the case regarding Tallal Chaudhry and a female Member National Assembly (MNA) Ayesha Rajab Baloch, in its report to the president of PML-N Punjab, Rana Sanaullah, stated that Chaudhry had misled the public about his relationship with the female MNA, said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) sources.

According to sources, the fact-finding committee had said in its report that Chaudhry had not gone to Ayesha’s house in connection with the party organising meeting, but had gone at Ayesha’s invitation.

Sources in PML-N further said that the committee found that Chaudhry had lied about his resentment with not only Ayesha but also with Ayesha’s brother, who he had had a fight with.

This fact-finding committee was formed by the PML-N Punjab Sanaullah on the issue of former state minister Chaudhry, who was allegedly tortured by the brothers of a female MNA Ayesha Rajab.

The committee consisted of two members, including PML-N leader and MNA Saira Afzal Tarar and Akram Ansari.

While explaining his side of the story on Twitter, Chaudhry had said that the incident which occurred was not related to any female MNA and the news related to this incident was not based on facts. Tallal had also said that he would issue a detailed statement on the said incident.

Faisalabad police had also formed their own committee to investigate the incident and this committee will record Chaudhry’s statement and submit its report to higher police officials.

However, after the incident, Chaudhry was shifted to the National Hospital, Lahore, but no PML-N leader visited him and, according to the doctors, Chaudhry’s condition was better, but his arm and shoulder were fractured in several places. They also advised him to wear a shoulder sling and get plenty of bed rest.

Speaking on the matter, Sanaullah said, “This is a personal matter of both of them. If anyone complains, then the party will take action.”