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Socio-economic impact of Covid-19

In the history of world, we witnessed the worst scenario of the globe in the face of COVID-19. It has not only affected the lives of all and sundry but also has shaken the socio-economic fabric of the countries.

As we have been sighting for 6 months, the pandemic has muddled the pattern of the world. Nothing is on its appropriate position, owing to epidemic. Our economical progress has been retarded. As, our industries, schools, colleges, and e.t.c were ceased, therefore, our economical progress came to an end. Moreover, number of industries have lost massive headway.

However, it is the responsibility of our government to make vaccines for pandemic, despite fixing money with doctors for the dead body of COVID ruined people. They must perceive, even our youth has been facing physical and mental chaos as well.

Furthermore, our government should take timely steps regarding pandemic’s impact on this entire synopsis of the world.

Moosa Panhwar