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Need to address Islamophobia

PM Imran Khan in the 74th UNGA session expresses concern on the fact that the scourge of Islamophobia is growing and Muslims around the world are targeted in various parts of the world. As the poignant conditions of Muslims under the BJP-led RSS inspired Modi government is nit new before the eyes of the international community, Islamophobic sentiment is brewing in the Western world that is fuelled by increased immigration and a violent response against the Islamist militant outfits in the Western soil.

While we all know that in India’s case, the anti-Muslim policies are promoted by the state, the hatred for the Muslims in the West is stirred by the most atrocious and vicious activities perpetuated by militant groups in the name of Islam. Therefore, the brutality carried out by Al-Qaeda, ISIS and terrorist organizations in the name of religion leading them to penetrate within the grassroots of international order have adversely affected the way non-Muslims in the West perceive Islam. Such distorted perception about Islam feeds toxic narrative of extreme right in Europe, US and other parts of the Western world. As a result, all Muslims are considered violent and aggressive and are tarred with the same brush.

In this critical time in international politics, as our Prime Minister pointed out, there are a need to address the rising Islamophobia through establishing a channel of dialogue between the Muslim and the Western World. Such communication channel will eradicate all misconceptions that the violent lot who justify atrocities in the name of Islam do not represent the majority of the Muslims. In reality, such groups have gained maximum advantage and capitalized over the miserable socio-economic and political conditions across the Muslim world along with the failed attempts of the West who have destroyed states such as Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq in the name of nation-building and democracy. Most importantly, West should also realize that by fuelling offensive caricatures of Islam, they end up making matters worse by igniting their emotions and sensitivities that encourage extremism.

Hadia Mukhtar