Tranquility  | Pakistan Today


Tranquillity literally means a state of being free from civil disturbance or absence of violence. In life,peace is very essential and people do alot to maintain peace around them. It provides a man a peaceful,pleasant and a serene environment without fear. He can be far from tensions and worries. People think of making laws to be followed for the maintenance of peace,uprooting of terrorism ,corruption and other worst act like child labour,child marriage ,gender bias ,religion bias etc to be forbidden.

Moreover,tranquillity assists a society to step forward ,the civilians to be safe,united and gather for decision making. For instance,when the citizens act on a peaceful and a calm surrounding and are united,they can support one another for an acute issue. In this manner,the society with its inhabitants can move forward and live an excellant life. In addition,it is a position to be a prudent man with strong hopes,ambitions and intention and require sincerity so that the difficulties vanish.

Mehnaz Alijan