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Punjab police sub-inspector resigns after CCPO insulted him

ISLAMABAD: A foreign-educated officer of the Punjab police resigned from his post after being subjected to abuse by the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore Umar Sheikh, reported a local news outlet.

Sub-inspector Fahad Iftikhar Virk submitted a two-line resignation letter, in which he said that he cannot serve the department after this humiliation. The sub-inspector says Umar Sheikh called him an idiot when he was answering a question in a meeting chaired by CCPO on September 22

Virk had been in charge of the media monitoring cell and was briefing Sheikh and other officers when he had to tolerate the CCPO’s insults. He felt deeply insulted and immediately resigned from his post.

“The CCPO asked me a question, which I answered. While I was replying, he interrupted and called me a ‘khotay ka bacha,’ saying he was asking me something but was getting an answer to something else,” Virk told the newspaper.

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