‘Karachi’s issues put on back-burner after APC’ | Pakistan Today

‘Karachi’s issues put on back-burner after APC’

KARACHI: Paksarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal said on Saturday that the problems of Karachi were the hot topic a few days ago but the situation has changed after the All Parties Conference (APC), .

“A bout of exchange of shelling has started after the APC,” Mustafa Kamal, a former mayor of Karachi, said in his statement. “As the city will receive another rainfall, a new drama will be staged.”

He said the prime minister read a package of Rs1,100 billion and left the city, adding that no follow up was seen after the announcement.

“Presently everyone has been engaged in saving or de-seating the government,” he said. “Everyone is only thinking to save his or her position without caring about the people.”

He lamented the MQM’s demand of a new province to solve the issues, saying that the people have already rejected the party.