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HIV in Pakistan

Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) is a hazardous virus which destroy the immune system and cause AIDS. Noticeably,this virus is caused by using needless syringe and sexual contact. The common symptoms of this virus are sudden weight loss,jaundice,persistent cough,flu,night sweat and pneumonia which are commonly called fatal diseases. However, Pakistan has a large number of HIV patients included, men, women and children .Approximately, Pakistan has 160,000 adults living with HIV among whom 48,000 are girls of 15 to 25 years who have been involved in sexual contacts directly and indirectly. Furthermore, The country has an estimated population of 52,400 of transgender who have an HIV  rate of 5.5 percent.

Not only this,according to a report,900 children in Pakistan are currently suffering from AIDS who are sexually harassed which shows how our society is ignorant. In addition, recently,1,200  masses from Sindh and 45,000 people from KPK have been affected by HIV. The virus captured over all the country,but the concerned authorities are just watching the show without taking any action.Even,the hospitals have no space for infected patients.

By the way, I just want to ask to government of Pakistan that Can’t we have such a scientist who can invent an appropriate antidote against this dangerous virus?

Abida Diljan