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Drug fiend 

Drug addiction is one of the most horrifying and dangerous evils of the society. It hampers the country to be develop and destroys the future of youths. They want to be far away from the responsibilities and challenges of their lives. It is a real fact that the drug addicts lose their mental and physical balance if they take much of them, they always push themselves near to the death. They cannot work regularly at any place. Drug addicts always, wish to take money from others all the time but they are not in position to earn the money honestly. Therefore, when they cannot have enough money to take more and more drugs. They go for crimes like robbery and pillage. The drug addicts are usually found begging on streets in a worst condition. The young people have grown frightfully thin along with sunken eyes, hollow checks and torn cloths. Drug addiction has become a serious issue in our country. It is government’s responsibility to take serious action regarding this. It is also our duty to promote awareness among those people who are fallen victims to this social evil. Therefore, I request the government to build more rehabilitation centers to help the youth to fight this fatal habit.

Sassi M. Assa