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Proliferation of hate-speech

Social platforms are incipiently being euphemistic where ominous stipulations and incongruous speeches are being argued and the arguments are leading towards hatred and enhancing the hate-speech which is the fountainhead of creating quarrels and disputes among the individuals. In recent years, heat-speech had been being injected in the minds and souls of the people through multitudinous social-sites, social-platforms, streaming sites, and online games. Recently, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is planning to block some social sites, social platforms and various dating sites which are comprehensively creating the negative effect, immoral contents, and societal norms, such as Grindr, SayHi, Skout, Tagged, and Tender. Furthermore, TikTok and Bigo removed approximately 3,728,16 videos from July 1 to December 1, 2019, among which 31 carried obscenities, vulgarity, and immorality. According to an estimation that more than 3,004 Twitter account profiles came under suspicion and among them nearly 243 accounts were granted for removal. In the meantime, PTA blocked more than 4,000 social sites in which 218 suspects were detained for accusing of spreading hate-speech about cultures, religions, castes and violating the laws of Pakistan. Despite of these restrictions, the hate-speech is still trending in the social media and people are getting attracted to it and initiating to hate other peoples’ community and religion. O, the government should begin implementing some new initiative and it should spread awareness about hate-speech in social sites to reduce hate-speech.

Mehraj Altaf