HED directs LCWU to report on controversial appointment of professor to Syndicate | Pakistan Today

HED directs LCWU to report on controversial appointment of professor to Syndicate

LAHORE: The Punjab Higher Education Department (HED) sought a detailed report from Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) on the controversial appointment of Professor of Economics and directed to take the matter of appointment to the Syndicate Committee, Pakistan Today learnt here on Friday.

The letter sent to Vice-Chancellor LCWU by HED states, “Kindly refer your letter No. Reg/LCWU/1237 dated 26-08-2020, on the subject noted above, received from Registrar LCWU Lahore, along with a report of special scrutiny committee regarding violations/ malpractices in the appointment of Dr Muhammad Afzal, Professor Economics, as well as letter No. TE-25/8220 dated 10-08-2020 received from Treasurer, LCWU, Lahore. I am directed to request you to place a complaint against the appointment of Dr Muhammad Afzal on the agenda of the syndicate, with all relevant record, being the appointment authority of faculty member to examine the matter and take the further necessary action as per law under intimation to this office.”

On the other hand, the well-maintained sources in HED said that in the light of the report prepared by the Special Scrutiny Committee of LCWU regarding the appointment of Dr Mohammad Afzal, the Registrar and Treasurer of LCWU sent separate letters to the HED.

However, in the light of those letters, the HED directed the Vice-Chancellor of LCWU to take up the matter of appointment of Dr Muhammad Afzal with the competent forum.

Sources also added that Dr Muhammad Afzal, Assistant Professor, Punjab University, was directly appointed as Professor in LCWU in 2013, while irregularities were revealed in Afzal’s appointment during Dr Uzmi Qureshi’s Vice-Chancellorship in 2016 then he was terminated, however, later Dr Afzal was reinstated in 2017 during the tenure of interim Vice-Chancellor of LCWU Rukhsana Kausar.

Speaking to Pakistan Today, Additional Secretary HED Usman Khalid Khan said, “We send such complaints to the syndicate and if there is anything against his appointment, the decision will be accordingly.”