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Citizenship amendment act

The current citizenship law by the Indian government is ominous, particularly, for the muslim communities. This law excludes muslim immigrants. Furthermore, the government of India has left no chance in showing massive violences on the muslims by demonstration against Indian citizenship (Citizenship Amendment act). Dishearteningly, more than 25 people faced death due to Amendment act, under violence many were arrested. However, the demonstrators carried out slogans and placards by perceiving Narendra Modi’s inexorable nationalist government’s policies that are putting muslims population and others at risks. The CAA (Citizenship Amendment act) enacted by the parliament has caused country wide disturbances and social issues with rampant protests all over the country.

Such anti-muslim acts and laws are supposed to be eliminated. The UNO is requested to stop the intimidate violences  which are in the shape or laws and acts that are conducted agains the muslim communities in India.

Sammi Mumtaz