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Air pollution

Air pollution has worsened in Pakistan as a manificture of low grade diesel fumes, smoke from seasonal crop burn off and colder winter temperatures coalesce into stagnant clouds of smog. Pakistan is ranked one of the worst countries in the world for air quality.

And Lahore consistently ranked in the most affected cities.

According to the pollution monitoring. In 2015, 135,000 Pakistan’s died due to poor air quality. It is less of a luxury and more necessity but unfortunately Pakistan is a worst country the ragas of air quality. The issue of the worst air quality bringing the climate change to Pakistan. Pakistan has increased tenfold this year. The Karachi and Lahore are among top pollution cities in the country. Lahore only experienced 10 hours of good quality air based on the during the first eleven months of 2019. Air quality in the city oscillated between bad and hazardous for a total of 223 days so far this year. So the government attempt to improve the situation in Lahore, a group of environmentalist are planning to unveil QN eight metre high air purifier that will remove harmful particles from the air.

Mahikan Sarwar