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Citizens protest against illicit drug trade in AJK

ISLAMABAD: Residents of Muzaffarabad staged a protest against drug trafficking and counterfeit cigarette trade in the capital city of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and demanded of the government to ensure immediate arrest of drug pushers and counterfeit cigarette manufacturers.

The protestors demanded of the local administration to take quick action against all those involved in this heinous business. They raised banners and placards inscribed with slogans and demands denouncing the illicit drug trade.

The people demanded of the government to keep a check on the perpetrators involved and urged all concerned departments to take action against drug and counterfeit cigarette pusher to save the future of the younger generation.

According to details, the people of Muzaffarabad took to the streets to protest against the open sale of drugs and trade of cigarettes in the market by a company called Way Ward.

Protesters gathered outside the commissioner’s office, including lawyers, political and social leaders, leaders of student organizations, civil society representatives and people belonging to different sections of society, including Barrister Syed Ali Raza, Majid Awan, Shaukat Javed Mir, Syed Waris Gilani, former government minister Hanif Awan, Imran Khurshid and others also attended the protest demonstration.

The civil society representatives also warned that, if the government does not take immediate action against counterfeit cigarette factories and drugs trafficking, they themselves would come to the fore against the sellers.

They stated that young people in the area could easily fall prey to these mafias and that the government needs to take immediate actions.