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Circular debt and national economy 

No doubt circular debt existed in the times of previous government , but in the last two years , it has multiplied many times and crossed over a hefty sum of Rs . two trillions and is likely to grow higher with time , as the government has completely failed to control it .

For God ‘s sake , draw out a transparent plan to correct this menace which is hindering growth of the national economy .

The two years of the present government has shown that it does not have the necessary potential to solve the menacing problem , except to blame the preceding government for all the ills .

There is total absence of managerial skills in the ranks of the power & energy ministries who do not have a clear vision to solve the issue once for all .

I think the issue is beyond the capability of the present lot at the helm of affairs . Continuing with the present administrative and political set up is going to drive the country to a total collapse.

Let us act before it is too late and stop painting rosy picture for revival of the national economy now and then .

A surgical operation is imminent to cleanse the atmosphere of inefficiency , incompetence and rampant corruption . But the question arises who is going to carry out this operation ?

This is a difficult question .

Engr Riaz Bhutta