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Nawaz committed political suicide, says Imran

–PM wants stringent law for sex offenders

ISLAMABAD: The federal cabinet on Tuesday discussed the Multi-Party Conference (MPC) held by the opposition last week, wherein, the prime minister said that the government had trapped Nawaz Sharif by airing his speech on national TV knowing fully that the former premier would commit a political blunder, Pakistan Today has learnt.

“The speech of Nawaz Sharif would prove to be his political demise. We are not afraid of the opposition’s MPC and the opposition’s movement would fail again,” the source quoted the premier as telling his cabinet colleagues.

The premier also directed Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan and Minister of State for Interior Shehzad Akbar to present the proposed draft bill for the punishment of child and women molesters and sex offenders while also directing cabinet members to refrain from making statements on sensitive issues

PM Imran said that the government would ensure exemplary punishment to sex offenders and individuals involved in pornography. He said that the government would make such accused horrible examples so as no one dare sexually attack minors or women.

A source told Pakistan Today that the prime minister also expressed displeasure over certain cabinet ministers criticising other peers in public. The prime minister passed these remarks after an exchange of harsh words between Planning Minister Asad Umar, Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari and Advisor on Petroleum Nadeem Babar. The source said that Shireen Mazari taunted Asad Umar for not giving appropriate time to cabinet members to go through the agenda.

“This remark left Asad Umar red-faced who responded in the same tone, asking cabinet members to come prepared to the cabinet meeting. Asad Umar also admonished Nadeem Babar for misleading the cabinet on digits related to Petroleum and Gas. However, Nadeem Babar responded to Asad’s criticism and said he never lies and rather Planning Ministry makes false statements in the cabinet,” the source added.

However, the premier reportedly intervened and asked all ministers not to use derogatory language against each other and also not to go public with slurs and statements on sensitive issues like sectarian issues.

Later, Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz told media that there was no discussion on the opposition’s MPC in the meeting of the federal cabinet.

Speaking at a press conference after the federal cabinet meeting with Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health Dr Faisal Sultan, Shibli Faraz said that the government had no problem with the opposition’s MPC. He said that not a single word was uttered at the cabinet meeting about the MPC. He said that the government did not obstruct the MPC while his speeches were also aired live.

Talking about rape cases, Faraz said that the accused involved in sexual crimes should be brought to justice. He said that Shehzad Akbar, PM’s aide, presented the draft bill on sexual abuse.

He said that attention is being paid to power generation and up-gradation of the transmission line. He said due to flawed past policies, line losses increased manifold. The minister said that circular debt is like cancer that was spreading fast.

Faraz said that the decisions of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) were also ratified in the meeting. He said that the cabinet meeting confirmed the decision to import special vehicles.

On the occasion, Dr Faisal Sultan, PM’s aide on health, said that the price of medicine for the treatment of coronavirus has been reduced from Rs10,000 to Rs8,400.

He said that there are some 94 medicines which are in short in supply including life-saving medicines, blood pressure, epilepsy, cancer and heart diseases and the cabinet also approved imports in this regard.

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