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Greece-Turkey disputes

Turkey and Greece clenched very upset ties during the recent decades in spite of multitudinous bilateral and trilateral negotiations, still the consequences reflect the declining circumstances of the year 1987 and early 1996. The natural resources are essential for any country to run the wheel of the economy but there are pacts signed by the countries and breaking them is illegal while in these both countries North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Unions (EU) are trying to resolve the disputes between the countries. Recently the German Foreign Minister (Heiko Maas) narrated that both countries should maintain peace through diplomatic solutions and sending military and warships would worsen the situation more in the Mediterranean in an EU conference on Thursday in Berlin. Furthermore, the Turkish President (Recep Tayyip Erdogon) sworn the search for energy in the Mediterranean Sea with the discovery of More than 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas. According to the sources Turkey sent a drilling ship to the Mediterranean Sea in May 2019 which violates laws and Turkey was sanctioned by the EU to reduce the pre-accession financial assistance to the country for 2020 with approximately 145.8 billion Euros.

Mehraj Altaf


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