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Motorway rapist remains at large

The prime suspect of the Lahore Motorway rape incident, Abid Malhi, remains at large even after the passage of 10 days since the incident.

According to the details, search operations conducted in the different areas of Sheikhupura, Kasur, and Nankana Sahib has proved fruitless.

Although the entry and exit routes of Punjab have been blocked to tighten the law enforcement agencies’ grip on the prime suspect, the Punjab Police has also extended its scope of investigation by coordinating with the police forces of other provinces.

A police source said that the teams of law enforcement agencies working on the case had managed to obtain the rapist’s travel history.

It suggested the accused had travelled to Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa several times in the past to take refuge after committing crime or to see his relatives/friends. “Accordingly, the police teams are being dispatched to these provinces.”

Nankana Sahib police spokesperson said that they raided the house of rapist Abid’s sister-in-law in the city on Friday night after receiving a tip-off about his presence in the area. However, police were not able to arrest him.

Police also suspect that the accused may change his appearance in order to dodge police, therefore, various pictures of Abid in disguises have been shared.

These images have been sent out via WhatsApp and plastered across police stations so that if anyone spots someone bearing resemblance to any of the photos, they may easily inform authorities.

Among the four photos distributed, one shows Abid with his original face and hairstyle, a second one with a bald head and moustache, another where he is clean-shaved with a bald head, and the last with a French beard. In all four, his primary features have not been altered.

To date, authorities have taken four men into custody, one of whom has confessed to the rape.