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Shahbaz asks lawyers not to politicise Justice Isa case, urges accountability of all

–Bilawal asks Opp to unite and get rid of ‘hybrid regime’ of PTI
ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly (NA) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday urged against politicising the case of Justice Qazi Faez Isa.
Addressing the All Parties Conference (APC), the PML-N president said that the nation appreciated the “exemplary” sacrifices made by the Bhutto family for democracy.
He also criticised the judges who spoke of the doctrine of the necessity for the first time. “We will also remember judges like Justice Kayani and the judge who said that Bhutto’s decision was made under pressure,” he said.
He added that “the constitution unites us all”.
Shehbaz said that a special campaign was launched against political parties in two and a half years.
“We are going through the mill of revenge, not accountability,” he remarked.
He said that more than half of the people in the federal cabinet would not be able to survive if they were held accountable.
The PML-N leader added that accountability should not be pick-and-choose but everyone should be held to the same standard without discrimination. Criticising Prime Minister Imran Khan, Shehbaz said, “[Imran] does not realize that every part of the country is sacred.”
Referring to Balochistan, he said that more investment was needed to solve the problems of the province. He said that even during the rule of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Punjab took over the financial difficulties of other provinces.
“Can we not bring the four provinces together?” he asked.
Citing the example of Europe, Shahbaz said that millions of people died in the wars in France and Britain, but today they have common markets.
PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari called upon all the opposition parties to formulate a joint strategy to get rid of what he called the “hybrid regime” of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government, liberate the parliament and then liberate this country.
Bilawal made a veiled attack on the former chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and said that after the 18th Amendment in the Constitution, an institution got 19th Constitutional Amendment passed by threatening the then elected government.
“We must now demand that this amendment be repealed,” said Bilawal, adding that the people, bar councils and parliament should have the biggest role in the process of appointment of judges.
“If you have to run every politician of this country through sticks and courts, then this company will not run,” he said.
Bilawal said that PPP and PML-N had prepared a framework for the independence of the judiciary in the Charter of Democracy and both did their part in it.
“What the rest was up to the judiciary, which has not been done yet,” he said, adding that his party had upheld the public opinion, representation of provinces and parliament in the appointment of judges but “one institution” took the procedure of appointment of judges as a threat.
“If the procedure for appointment of judges is not changed, the 1973 constitution will be wrapped up,” he argued.
Criticising the accountability process in the country, Bilawal said, “I have been watching accountability, judiciary and jails with my mother Benazir Bhutto since I was a two-year-old. Benazir Bhutto was acquitted in all cases but unfortunately she is not with us today”.
Bilawal said that civil liberties, political and human rights, media and judiciary have been deprived in Pakistan.
“In the ‘State of Medina’, no one can write a book in the year 2020; no one can tweet, no politician can give interviews. Interviews are cut off during broadcast. This is not the way of humans and living nations,” he said.
Bilawal said that today, all the conscious sections of the country should come up with the same position that we are not ready to compromise on civil liberties, human rights, media, parliament and independence of the judiciary.
Bilawal asserted that PPP and Bhutto family have made many sacrifices for democracy and constitution in Pakistan.
“Now we want a blood count. This constitution is made of blood and we will protect it. First, the parliament and then the country will be liberated,” he said.
Referring to the passage of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)-related bills on Wednesday, Bilawal said that the bills were forcibly passed by disenfranchising the parliament.
“Mr speaker [Asad Qaiser], you are not ready to accept the right of a recount of votes. We will also be forced to think about how long parliament will remain a rubber stamp. Even today there are deadly attacks, character assassination but we stand firm. Whatever democracy and freedom of media today we have is a result of our sacrifices,” said the PPP chairman.
“We are not ready to compromise on human rights. My family has made many sacrifices. Now we want accountability. Whether it is the 18th Amendment, the National Finance Commission (NFC) Award or human rights, we are not ready to compromise,” Bilawal concluded.

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