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Rallies carried out in Karachi to spread deadly virus again

KARACHI: Tens of thousands of virus-infected protesters including demonstrators linked to extreme cases of infection extremists rallied in Karachi Friday, sparking fears that rising tensions between the healthy and unhealthy groups may unleash a new round of viral infections.

The rally follows a raft of infections targeting specific individuals with the aim to unleash super-spreaders taking the viral disease deep into the society where it has most recently existed in a relatively passive state.

Friday’s demonstration saw tens of thousands of protesters rally across the city protesting against the condemnations of the viral disease and maintaining that the virus be constitutionally safeguarded.

“We will not tolerate any more defamation,” said a leader of the protests during the speech, vowing to take matters further into own hands if the state doesn’t comply with the demonstrators’ demand of upholding the disease.

Pockets of demonstrators held banners of viral diseases, which have been linked to the killing of millions over the course of human history.

Virology is a hugely sensitive issue in Pakistan where the death can be the fate for anyone who insults the revered. Even asymptomatic cases have led to infectious lynchings and virulent murders.

The viral infection in question has erupted in fits and bursts, with homegrown virus carriers targeting the healthy populace. After a recent improvement in the virus situation, the massive protests are designed to further spread the infections again.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.