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While fighting Fifth Generation War

  • The army has to stand above domestic controversies

In his address on the Defence and Martyrs Day, the COAS assured his countrymen and the world at large that Pakistan is a peace-loving country but in case war is imposed on it, the armed forces would befittingly respond to every aggressive act. The general also maintained that the country wants peace in the world as well as in the region. It is with this spirit that Pakistan played a key role in peace efforts in Afghanistan. India on the other hand had always taken an irresponsible stance. The COAS was right that by abrogating the special status of illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir India had once again threatened the peace of the region. Reiterating Quaid-e-Azam’s stand regarding Kashmir being Pakistan’s jugular vein, Gen Bajwa assured that the country will not show any flexibility over its Kashmir stand. Few would disagree with the COAS over these observations

Gen Bajwa maintains that Pakistan had been forced to fight a hybrid war. Countries hostile to Pakistan want to discredit the country and its armed forces by spreading chaos. The general seeks the cooperation of the nation to win the war.

Nobody can ever think of maligning the army as long as it confines itself to performing its constitutional role of defending the country’s geographical borders and helping the civil administration whenever called to deal with natural calamities like earthquakes and floods. The problem arises when the army gets involved in affairs that fall into the purview of the civilian governments. Similarly when an incompetent government takes controversial and unpopular decisions while claiming that the army is on the same page with it, and the army fails to take notice of the claim, eyebrows are bound to be raised. The army has been called in the past to help in conducting the general elections and there was no controversy over it. Last year the JUI-F President told radio Deutsche Welle that the military and its agencies should not play any part in the elections. There is a need on the part of the army to be seen to be above the political divide.


  1. Sunbig2 said:

    Pakistan is always in a state of war..war with indians,Afghans, Iranians, Europeans, Americans , on the internet and every other place ….why is pakistan always in a state of war??

  2. SKChadha said:

    COAS of Chinese autonomous territory of Pakistan should not have any worry for any kind of war. The Ameer will take care of it. 😁