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China-India standoff & the emerging world order

  • Covid-19 has exposed the USA

The Recent showdown between the People’s Liberation Army and the Indian Army has escalated the situation in the Galwan valley along the Line of Actual Control between China and India. The unarmed fight resulted in the killing of 20 Indian Soldiers while the casualties on China side have not been confirmed yet.

Analysts link the fight with the unilateral Indian move on 5 August 2019, when it annexed the disputed territory of  Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh by repealing Articles 35A and 370 of its Constitution.

This move irked both Pakistan and China, and both raised the issue at the UN and recorded their protest against such unilateral move that was tantamount to rejecting the UN Security Council Resolutions mandating a plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir.

Unfortunately, India has the worst diplomatic relations with its neighbours such as Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It has used all its resources to destabilize neighbouring states, especially Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and  Sri Lanka.

China is playing on the front foot as its expedition inside Indian-controlled areas is advancing rapidly and the escalation is high. The weakening of the USA has given birth to new regional powers carving out a new world order as the USA is waning due to Trump’s wrong policies. The emerging situation is favouring China, Russia, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan

The recent clash is the first conflict after 40 years, and after both Nations clashed in 1962. War clouds are looming as both nations prepar for a full-scale war that might be disastrous for the whole region. So much so that UK Newspapers called it World War III as the two biggest Asian countries engaged in fighting that was a heavy blow to the fascist Indian PM Narendra Modi who masterminds Muslim Massacre and Genocide.

He even linked the covid-19 outbreak with Muslims, which showed his Hindutva mindset. The Indian reaction to boycott Chinese brands will cost heavily economically as world economies are already fragile owing to the two-month lockdown.

Pakistan has been watching the emerging situation after the June 15 clash, and is ready to defend its frontiers as its Forces went on Red Alert.

The high-level negotiations held to de-escalate the situation have not produced positive results and Modi’s BJP is under fire internally since Congress has been posing hard questions as Chinese forces are present in areas claimed by India.

There are protests in Nepal against India as a newly released map reflected some disputed areas as being in India. Though India still enjoys support from US President Donald Trump, he is himself under pressure owing to his failure to manage the covid-19 pandemic. The USA has the maximum number of infections and deaths are nearing 2are nearing 200,000.

India has also close relations with Israel from which it has purchased fighter jets and other war-related items. The recent mysterious bomb blasts targeting Iran’s nuclear installations have raised serious questions on the state of Iran’s internal l security measures as well as left everybody wondering who was behind them, but Iran has blamed Israel, as being  the soul of the USA.

The conflict will expand in the Middle East and South Asia if Iran takes aggressive action against Israel and if China and India engage in a full-scale war. The situation is getting tougher by the day as the US has been struggling to tackle the pandemic, baffling it to the extent that its power is waning each passing day and its global influence declining due to the economic crisis and resulting massive unemployment, owing to the pandemic.

The pandemic has forced hundreds of companies to lay off staff as they could not afford to pay them given the lockdowns imposed by various governments as well as the sense of uncertainty gripping the enterprises and startups.

Though the health companies, pharma and tech companies, and online stores and markets are booming with profit the most profitable businesses, travel and tour, entertainment and hotel business and wedding party and event management companies, have almost been closed for an indefinite period owing to the restrictions placed by the governments to control the outbreak of covid-19.

The USA has been jolted by the pandemic and is gradually losing its hold on world affairs. On the contrary, China has been regaining control and even declared itself superpower of the world. The world order is constantly changing and China has put itself in a strong geostrategic position even in the pandemic.

The recent China-Iran Pact further paved the way for the success of CPEC since Iran may join CPEC to make its oil available to China, Pakistan and Central Asian countries.

The inclusion of Iran in CPEC may further isolate India in the region since it will be surrounded on all sides by China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. Pakistan may play a leading role in the region since the USA has lost a sincere ally in South Asia.

Pakistan Army and the civilian leadership played a pivotal role in Afghan peacemaking by bringing the Taliban to the negotiation table and signing the deal with the USA providing safe passage to a US troop withdrawal.

Turkey also be an emerging power with a role in the changing world order where the US and UK may fade, as some experts think the andemic has provided a golden chance to countries like China to play a leading role as US hegemony declined.

The upcoming presidential elections will shape the future of America as the Trump Administration has completely failed to manage Covid-19, resulting in him being under fire from his political rivals the Democrats, especially their presidential nominee Joe Biden.

November is just two months away and these Elections will be both violent and historical, since African-Americans will increase their traditional support of the Democrats as they are fed up with Trump over racism.

The  Recent deal between Israel and UAE, inked with the efforts of Donald Trump, has irked both Arab and Non-Arab nations as recognition of Israel will have serious repercussions on the Muslim world.

Efforts are being made by Turkey, Iran and Pakistan to form a new bloc, as since Independence Pakistan has a clear policy that it will never recognize Israel until establishment of a Palestinian state as per the wishes of the Palestinian people.

Though at the moment Pakistan is under pressure from the USA to recognize Israel, this will not happen any time soon. The statement of Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood  Qureshi has pressurised Pak Saudi diplomatic relations as Qureshi criticized that the OIC has not adopted a strong stance on Kashmir. Though the COAS and ISI chief paid a fence-mending visit to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan’s weak economy will compel it to bow down before pressure.

China is playing on the front foot as its expedition inside Indian-controlled areas is advancing rapidly and the escalation is high. The weakening of the USA has given birth to new regional powers carving out a new world order as the USA is waning due to Trump’s wrong policies. The emerging situation is favouring China, Russia, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.