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CITY NOTES: Peace in the city, and growing a wart

The campaign season isn’t passing off so peacefully in the United States. First there was the shooting by policemen of a black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Jacob Blake, which left him paralysed from the waist down. And then, in distant New York State, bodycam footage has revealed that a black man, Daniel Prude, who had been taken by policemen was asphyxiated, though not fatally. He died in hospital. The police had been called by his family, because he had apparently been suffering mental problems.

But in Kenosha, the only victim was not Blake, but two others who were shot dead by a white person claiming to be saving his business from being burnt. He had proceeded to get away from the scene, walking by several policemen with his rifle in his hands, but was apparently not notice.

Things are getting ugly in the US, because it seems the race thing is not going to go away. There have been Black Lives Matter protests, and some have made much of the fact that some whites joined the protests. Well, whites fought the American Civil War about a century and a half ago. And there are white supremacist militias out to confront the Black Lives Matter protesters too. As the white supremacists are also vigorous defenders of the Second Amendment, they’re always armed. Now the leftist militias are also bringing arms. Is the US heading towards a new Civil War?

It would require a break in the discipline of the military, I suppose, much as happened in 1861, which let Robert E Lee throw away an Army career, and head the rebel army. It couldn’t happen now, could it? The US military is bow spread all over the world, and while it was all-white then, now it is much more mixed. Still, there’s been a new thought thrown out there: what if Trump refused to accept the election loss that seems inevitable? And then white militias came out with their weapons to support him And then leftists brought out theirs… You see what I mean?

Back home, we have other things to worry about, like the series loss against England. That was not all that negative for the government, which does not want any rival to Imran Khan developing, by the method of performances on the cricket field. Whatever you might say about Imran Khan, you can’t deny that he was a great fast bowler. Now nobody in the Pakistan team can claim that they were particularly outstanding or impressive in England, not in the Tests, not in the T20s.

However, that would be the future. For now, Imran Khan is not only a great fast bowler, but also PM. Today’s young guns shouldn’t worry. The very first heart-throb fast bowler, whose record of most wickets for Pakistan Imran broke, was the great Fazal Mehmood. He retired from the police as a DIG. So goodlooking fast bowlers get taken care of over here.

But there is the Nawaz Sharif issue, isn’t there? How did he get out of the country? Because he had faked the blood samples, either by having a ringer give the sample after taking a medicine which makes the platelet count drop drastically. Of course, producing the person who gave the sample is beyond the government. Sowing anything indicating that the wonder drug was bought by anyone even remotely connected to Nawaz, is beyond the ability of Usman Buzdar. Let’s not bother Imran, who’s busy looking at the latest photos from London to diagnose whether Nawaz is sick or not.

Apparently, his sickness or otherwise is not irrelevant, for the Islamabad High Court has ordered his presence if his appeals are to go ahead. According to a highly unreliable source, the real problem, the real reason he isn’t coming back is that he is still growing a black wart on his nose, to go along with the sky-blue kurta with yellow polka dots and black dhoti which is the accepted uniform for bail applicants.

Of course, Nawaz has to come back because he’s well. What about General Musharraf didn’t he go abroad for medical reasons? But all those making objections should know two things. First, as he himself said, but he’s a commando, and can do anything. Second, Imran was shown a photo of him abroad, and immediately diagnosed as not just unwell, but not treatable in Pakistan.

There has been a bit of good news, and that is the legalisation of hemp growth. That means that extraction the active ingredient in weed. That means that Pakistan is following the US, where marijuana is partially or wholly legalized in over 30 states.

I wonder why it had to be legalised. After all, it’s been illegal all the decades the country has existed, but its also been easily obtainable. The next step will be once again legalising cocaine. Purely for use as an anesthetic of course. Then heroin. That is how you will get real change. If you alter reality that way, you can get rid of all the corrupt elements.