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Punjab Assembly dissolved after PM vows tough action against sectarian elements

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly was dissolved on Tuesday after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to counter loud and inflammatory sectarian elements. The dissolution of the assembly was taken in light of the premier’s vow on Monday that ‘very tough’ action will be taken against elements which tried to create sectarian strife.

“Information has come to me of elements who tried to ignite flames of sectarianism and I will be taking very tough action against them,” PM Khan tweeted on Monday.

Later talking to the media on Tuesday, PM Khan said that he had been informed that sectarian plans had been forged inside the Punjab Assembly building.

“I found out through TV about this Punjab Tahaffuz-i-Bunyad-i-Islam (protecting the foundation of Islam) Bill 2020. Then I found out through newspapers that this bill was actually very sectarian. And then I found out through social media that this bill was actually passed by the sectarian elements inside the Punjab Assembly!” the PM exclaimed.

PM modesty lauded himself for taking swift action against the sectarian forces within the country and questioned how they had been given so much space.

“Shame on whoever is ruling Punjab! We will create a Naya Punjab, where lawless elements will never be inside the assembly, and only camped outside it on containers – even if they’re MPAs,” the PM said.

“And how the hell did Muavia Azam become an MPA? Who is mainstreaming these lawless elements into lawmakers?” the PM added, under his breath, thinking it wise not to say it out loud.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.