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UAE-Israel Agreement

  • Palestine stabbed in the back

The agreement between the UAE and Israel to normalize relations, which is being hailed as ‘historic’ and a ‘huge breakthrough’ by US President Donald Trump, can more accurately be described as a shameful abandonment of the Palestinian people by its Arab allies. That a mere hour after the deal was announced, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clarified that his West Bank annexation plans were ‘postponed’ and not suspended, which is what had been dishonestly portrayed by the UAE and the USA as a dominant feature of the agreement, displays the extent to which Palestine has been stabbed in the back. It is clear as day that the real intention behind this cozying up of the Gulf to the Zionist regime is to challenge its common enemy Iran that they view as a potent threat to regional peace. Since the USA bowed out of the Iran nuclear deal, spearheaded by the US with necessary European support, Iran has been aggressively pursuing its nuclear arms programme while locking horns with anyone challenging it; in particular, Saudi Arabia. With this Israeli alliance, a significant shift in the Middle East’s power balance has taken place that will only get worse going forward as regional countries, according to their interests, take sides in the days to come. The USA, which is taking full credit for brokering the truce, will project this as a massive diplomatic win in the run-up to the presidential election that is less than 90 days away. One of President Trump’s major foreign policy goals was ‘peace in the Middle East’, a task he had delegated to his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is not only grossly underqualified for this job but also for practically every other critical domestic and international problem that he has been selected to solve out of sheer nepotism.

Pakistan has been appealing to the OIC to raise the Kashmir issue on its forum. This has led to a diplomatic spat with Saudi Arabia that has necessitated COAS Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa having to visit the Kingdom to smooth things over. Perhaps now that a prominent member of the OIC has left Palestine, a country for whose liberation the Islamic conglomerate was created, high and dry, Pakistan should look elsewhere for support on the Kashmir front while also standing on the right side of the Israel-UAE development─ with Palestine.

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    Pakistan should look elsewhere for support : Does Beggars Pakis have left any land and roads in the world without covering their begging spree?

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