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‘Meet me in gully, you silly mid-off,’ Miandad trash talks Imran

KARACHI – “Yes yes over there in the gully, a little distance away from myself in the second slip,” said an incandescent Javed Miandad, gesturing with his hands to convey the point, while recreating his captaincy years. He was telling off Imran Khan during an imaginary trash-talk session on Friday, it has been reliably learnt.

“Oh you silly mid-off, I am your captain. Meet me in the gully and I’ll show you how to play this game,” Miandad further added, now pointing fingers towards a self-created Khan in front of him, while scolding his junior inside the confines of his drawing room.

“Oh you silly point, just long-off why don’t you!” added an outraged Miandad.

Eyewitnesses inform The Dependent that throughout the entire day’s play that Miandad held in his drawing room on Friday, Khan was repeatedly insulted, reminded who the boss was, and told that he will soon be replaced. Khan wasn’t spared in the Lunch, Tea or Drinks break either.

“Don’t forget you’re the third man. This time I’ll come one-down. I’ll come to bat once you are down – and out,” Miandad added.

“You thought you had the umpire’s finger. I have the third umpire’s button.”

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.