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Independence day

We achieved Pakistan with the consistent efforts of Mr. Jinnah, who organized and mobilized a divided nation. The religious and the nationalist parties formed an alliance to sabotage his efforts, but his perseverance and hard work led to the creation of Pakistan on August 14, 1947. Since then we have been celebrating Independence Day claiming to be one strong nation. However, the reality has always been far from this claim. While we were one united nation until the father of the nation lived, we were anything but united after his death, which was too soon after the new country was born. Soon after the demise of Mr. Jinnah, selfish, power-hungry, and those with lust for money started strengthening their grip on power in Pakistan. This led to alienating people and the unity among a diverse nation started eroding fast. The marginalization and self-serving behaviors of our ruling elite first led to the dismemberment of East Pakistan. We still did not learn anything and continued with our selfish attitudes. While the ruling elite and those close to them for selfish motives prospered like anything, the common man has not seen any improvement in their living conditions. Many other countries that got freedom after us become economically strong; our downward journey never stopped. While we pay homage to the Quaid very year with a change of guard at his mausoleum, we have forgotten his vision completely. Today, we sing the songs of freedom for the 74th time, we still have a long way to go in providing basic amenities to our citizens and ensuring freedom to speak, practice, move, and live in peace for everyone in this country. I wish and pray that we start working for the vision of the father of the nation and stand as one in creating a strong and prosperous Pakistan, Amin. Pakistan Zindabad!

Raja Shafaatullah