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Has the Arab World given up on Palestine?

  • The UAE didn’t just wake up one fine morning

Sajjad Ali Yildrim

Time is the best healer; History is the best teacher, for those who learn from it. But what about us Muslims? Did we learn from history? The answer is heart-breaking and very unfortunate: No. Historically it has been seen that whenever Muslims got united under one Caliphate, whether the Rashidun or the Ottomans, they were victorious and strong, keeping in mind that the divine sovereignty always belongs to Allah. The concept of Ummah is now just a ritual and seasonal concept usually applied during the Hajj, Umrah and Ramadan.

The so-called protectors of Islam, themselves are becoming the major threat to Islam. Saudi Arabia considers itself the leader of Islamic world due to the Holiest sites, Makkah and Madinah being there. But when it comes to support the persecuted Muslims around the globe no Muslim state comes up.

Israel has made 440 colonies for over 5000 illegal settlers, 565 checking points, 300 flying points, 80 percent water resources and 133 military bases. They are colonizing the Palestinian land just like they did to Jordanian and Egyptian areas and Muslims are still not aware of it

Palestine is the equally holiest and sacred place for Muslims just like the aforementioned places are. Not only for Muslims but also for the Jews and Christians. Muslims took Jerusalem from the Byzantines in 636-637, lost it to the First Crusade and finally reconquered it in the Battle of Hattin 1187 under the command of Salahuddin Ayyubi. The Ottoman empire took control of Jerusalem under Sultan Selim I in 1517, and retained it until 1919. The dissolution of the Ottoman empire in 1923 resulted in a massive blow for all the Muslims and the land of Palestine was divided between the Britain and France.

The Arab nationalism and young Turks movement proved to be the last nail in the coffin. More power-hungry but powerless Arab nationalists like Abdul Aziz ibn Saud and Hussain bin Ali played a crucial role in betrayal, resulting the end of Caliphate. Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence, known better as Lawrence of Arabia, was the mastermind behind the Arab revolt. Britain and France had their own intentions and plans for Palestine by bringing in 750,000 Jews. After the 1948 Arab-Israel war, Israel emerged as a sovereign state into the map of the world and in the region as the “Dagger in the heart of Middle East” in 1948.

The Arab League supported state of Palestine until 1979. After the Iranian revolution of 1979 a new power race started in the region between Saudi Arabia and Iran. There are 22 members in the Arab League from Algeria at the northern-western end ofAfrica to Somalia on the Horn, and in the Arabian Peninsula. Arabs used Palestine for their own interest. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt have now good ties with Israel (the latter two establishing diplomatic relations) which is a major shift in the geopolitics of the Middle East. This cause is used cynically by the Arab world to divert attention from their government’s internal repression.

Arabs only support Palestine verbally and they have failed to support them materially and could not even get them border rights in Gaza with Israel. Jordan has imposed huge taxes on Palestinian refugees and citizens. Lebanon, Libya and Egypt discriminated against Palestinians. King Hussain of Jordan backed off from the West Bank in 1988. Palestinians can’t become even permanent residents of any Arab country except Jordan, which is a clear violation of Article 7 of the Convention on Rights of the Child. In 2007, about 31,000 Palestinians were left homeless when the Lebanese armed forces destroyed Nahar Al Barad camp during the siege of 150 days at Yarmouk camp. In 2012, nobody supported Palestinians in Syria, which once was the huge supporter of Palestinian people. In 2018, to UNRWA for Palestinian refugees, the USA gave $367 million to Palestine while Egypt only Gave $20,000. The USA gave $3.8 billion in aid to Israel in 2019 and a total of $38 billion in a decade. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Iran, Syria and Lebanon are more concerned with sectarian and ideological divisions.

President Trump moved the US embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem but there was no reaction by the Arab world. Egypt and Israel are becoming closer. Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, who has become the most notorious Saudi royal being accused in the Yemen war as well as joutnalist Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination, in his meeting with the American Jewish organization in New York, slammed Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas for rejecting the peace offers, and summed up his view in 5 words “shut up and stop complaining”.

The major reason behind the attitude of the Arab states is that most of the states are dictatorial monarchies. The public opinion is completely different, as according to a poll conducted in early 2019, 97 percent of the Arab population perceives Israel as a threat, 87 percent opposed their states recognizing Israel through diplomacy. What Israel is doing in Palestine is a clear violation of Article 11 of UNGAR 194, the ICC, the Geneva Convention Protocol-I and the Statue of Rome. Ahead of these it is against the humanitarian law. According to UNGAR 3246 every group or state has a right of self-determination, either through peaceful means or resistance. In 2000, the Tahrir Square demonstrations, Muhammad Marzouki’s attempt to break the illegal siege of Gaza, and the sabotaging of the gas pipeline from Egypt to Israel by the Egyptian people, clearly depict the people’s will.

Jews got the last huge blow from Sultan Abdul Hamid II of the Ottoman Empire. after that Muslims got scattered and are facing the consequences till now in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iran and all over the world. Once they ruled the world but now they are being ruled by others. Israel has made 440 colonies for over 5000 illegal settlers, 565 checking points, 300 flying points, 80 percent water resources and 133 military bases. They are colonizing the Palestinian land just like they did to Jordanian and Egyptian areas and Muslims are still not aware of it. We lost our faith, we lost our caliphate by supporting traitors and infidels, and we deserve it because we are hypocrites. Only hope is now Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. We Muslims, particularly the Arabs and their allies gave up Palestine to Israel and that is the bottom line.