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Alcohol proliferation

Youngsters in Pakistan are the most affected by drugs and alcohol and the number of these addicts is increasing at the rate of 40,000 per year making Pakistan one of the most drug affected countries in the world while the most disturbing fact is that majority of heroin addicts are under the age of 24. It is the main reason, today youth is distracted from their ambitions.

Majority of drug addicts usually start with soft drugs like chaliya, gutka and pan, and then move to hard drugs like heroin, opium and cocaine, etc. The purchase of drugs or alcohol by young people is usually through dealers or ‘agents’, who are just a phone call away and their numbers are easily exchanged from one person to another.

This increasing problem of alcohol abuse has made youth, including university, college and school going students, violent in behavior. Youth today in rural areas of Pakistan is angry and negative due to increased abuse of alcohol. Look at the youth in Karachi, especially, the alleged criminals how undergraduate college students have been turned into drug addicts by some extremist groups to serve their vested interests.Drug addiction among youngsters is increasing day by day, which have a very negative effect on our society.

Irma yousuf